I really enjoyed playing Koji’s Quest. Virtual Reality is a great addition, as you focus on the task at hand. When I’m on my phone playing brain training games, I can get distracted, but here there’s nothing else to pay attention to!

Woman, 50, Post-concussion Syndrome

I thought Virtual Reality would make me tired, but that was not the case at all. When I sit behind a computer for 30 minutes, I’m typically very tired, but I played Koji’s Quest for almost an hour without realizing it. It felt great!

– Man, 50, Traumatic brain injury

Those in need of rehabilitation often have multiple healthcare needs from occupational therapy, which means that there is not always much time left to actually train cognition extensively. This technology can make that possible.

– Occupational Therapy Department, Omring

Virtual Reality treatment using Koji’s Quest is a promising tool for providing new methods of neurological rehabilitation by changing behavioral patterns and optimizing neuroplasticity.

– Dr. Michael Pernula, MD (Opthamology, Center for sight)

Currently in the Netherlands only 1 in every 10 people who suffer from a stroke get the cognitive rehabilitation that they require. We believe the solution to this is not to build more rehabilitation centre’s, but through technical innovations such as Koji’s Quest! This technology will help more people rehabilitate, yet keep healthcare affordable, which is why Hersenletsel.nl fully supports and cooperates with NeuroReality.

– Monique Lindhout, Director Hersenletsel.nl
I thought it was really exciting to play Koji’s Quest. It took a few minutes for me to figure out how to play, but Koji helped me with that. As soon as I got it, I only wanted to play more.
– Woman, 55, Oxygen atrophy of the brain